Healthcare for Staff and Technology

We specialise in the clinical cleaning of bacterial contamination present on computer equipment and related technology so it does not transmit the pathogens responsible for many workplace illnesses and by reducing the internal and external accumulation of dust in electronic equipment to extend the life cycle of valuable IT systems.


Having your IT equipment professionally cleaned is surprisingly inexpensive! Our experienced technical cleaning team are fully trained, insured and able to meet all your computer equipment cleaning needs. Skilled IT equipment hygienists can clean & sanitise Computers, Keyboards, touch screens, PCs, telephone and communication systems, self service checkouts, telecoms rooms and ATMs.

Do your staff pass on infections to co-workers?

Computers have an increased presence in our everyday lives and so have the bacterial contaminants present on them. Regular specialist cleaning of input devices found in offices, work place and schools helps to reduce the potential of transmission and infection among staff and other users.

Are you putting your investment in IT at risk?

Keeping both internal and external parts of your computer system dust free, can extend its life. Damage caused by the accumulation and build up of dust in cooling fans, heat sinks and the CPU can lead to overheating with a greatly increased chance of data loss and damage your hard drive.

How much is it costing you in lost staff hours?

Implementing a low cost preventative pc equipment cleaning and electronic maintenance programme for all your technology will provide much bigger benefits for your budgets. Savings can be gained from both the reduction in staff absenteeism and less spent on the renewal of valuable IT equipment.


Find out how we can help decrease absenteeism and downtime in your organisation!

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