Healthcare for Staff and Technology

We specialise in the clinical cleaning of bacterial contamination present on computer equipment and related technology so it does not transmit the pathogens responsible for many workplace illnesses and by reducing the internal and external accumulation of dust in electronic equipment to extend the life cycle of valuable IT systems.


Having your IT equipment professionally cleaned is surprisingly inexpensive! Our experienced technical cleaning team are fully trained, insured and able to meet all your computer equipment cleaning needs. Skilled IT equipment hygienists can clean & sanitise Computers, Keyboards, touch screens, PCs, telephone and communication systems, self service checkouts, telecoms rooms and ATMs.

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Do your staff pass on infections to co-workers?

Computers have an increased presence in our everyday lives and so have the bacterial contaminants present on them. Regular specialist cleaning of input devices found in offices, work place and schools helps to reduce the potential of transmission and infection among staff and other users.

Are you putting your investment in IT at risk?

Keeping both internal and external parts of your computer system dust free, can extend its life. Damage caused by the accumulation and build up of dust in cooling fans, heat sinks and the CPU can lead to overheating with a greatly increased chance of data loss and damage your hard drive.

How much is it costing you in lost staff hours?

Implementing a low cost preventative pc equipment cleaning and electronic maintenance programme for all your technology will provide much bigger benefits for your budgets. Savings can be gained from both the reduction in staff absenteeism and less spent on the renewal of valuable IT equipment.

Find out how we can help reduce sickness and downtime in your organisation, contact us for a free health check!

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Our Services

Our services reduce the spread of germs while protecting valuable computing hardware. Skilled and trained IT equipment hygienists clean and sanitise computer workstations, keyboards, touch screens, PCs, telephone and communication systems, checkouts, Data Rooms and ATMs.

Workstation Hygiene

Professionally cleaning office surfaces and equipment regularly has been shown to reduce the number of germs by as much as 99.9 per cent.

IT Equipment Hygiene

A regular cost-effective technology hygiene service by trained specialists that will promote staff wellbeing and reduce absenteeism.

Telephone Hygiene

The health and safety benefits of phone and headset cleaning are well known to prevents cross infection by reducing the spread of bacteria.

UV-C Sanitisation

UV light disinfection is a fast, safe, and effective technology that treats equipment against E.coli, MRSA, Salmonella and Listeria infection.

Biocide Fogging

Prevention and eradication of potentially harmful bacteria in hard to reach or porous surfaces. Technical "fogging" ensures all sections of your workplace sterile.

Keyboard Hygiene

Keyboards catch food, skin and hair, while the individual keys attract dirt and germs. It is unsurprising that many employee become sick every year.

About Us

With over 10 years’ experience in contract cleaning, we have seen the problems many businesses face when it comes to keeping computer and IT equipment clean. Traditional cleaning companies are often reluctant to clean IT equipment and indeed rarely have the technical expertise and correct products to properly care for expensive IT kit. As a result, we were finding that the most commonly touched surfaces in offices were never being adequately cleaned. Computer equipment was becoming dirty and germ ridden – costing businesses thousands of pounds in staff sickness and IT downtime. We realised that companies needed a practical solution to this problem and so established Hygienic IT - a specialist ICT cleaning provider offering a wide range of technical cleaning services to businesses across the UK.

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The Hygienic IT Service

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptionally high standards to each and every client and this has earned us an enviable reputation with hi-tech businesses. To uphold this reputation we recruit only the very best IT cleaning technicians who take genuine pride in their work. Each member of the team undergoes an intensive training programme – giving them the knowledge and expertise to deliver excellence in this specialist area.

Our office equipment cleaning programme uses techniques and products developed specifically for cleaning and sanitising office equipment to hospital grade standards.

  • 100% natural eco-friendly
  • Anti-static
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-abrasive

Our Process

Sensitive IT equipment requires a specialised cleaning process, carried out by trained and skilled cleaning technicians. As professionals we know exactly which cleaning procedures and tools to use for each job and know precisely how to clean and sanitise computer systems without damaging any of the delicate components or causing loss of important data.














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Pricing for our services is dependent on a variety of factors including the number and types of equipment, location and the time required to carry out your specialist cleaning service.

For more information about our computer cleaning prices, give us a call at 0333 444 0642.

We know all working environments are unique so offer a free consultation to discuss individualised packages ranging from monthly to annually.

We provide flexible working hours 24 hours a day, seven days a week so there are no interruptions to your normal working day.

HygienicIT are committed to building strong, long term relationships with our clients throughout the UK ensuring we deliver our services in accordance with the leading standards and best practices.

Our capability is proven across a wide variety of sectors with diverse needs throughout the country.


We aim to get it done in less than 10 minutes. This depends, however on how dirty each unit is and the amount of equipment to be cleaned at the workstation.
Please ensure that the PC is turned off before the cleaning service commences. We understand that there are some circumstances where machines cannot be turned off, however this makes the keyboard and mouse difficult to clean. HygienicIT will gladly switch the computer back on when finished with the computer cleaning service.
A site visit permits us to see and discuss exactly what your company needs, so the price and service are tailored to your needs.


Microbiologists have conducted numerous studies on the contamination levels of electronic devices. They found that contact with telephones, keyboards, mice, copiers, fax machines and other equipment can transfer bacteria such as staphylococcus aureus and E-coli to their surfaces. These pathogens can cause colds, flu and other forms of illness.

Mouse: Germs per square inch
Touch Screen: Germs per square inch
Keyboard: Germs per square inch
Telephone: Germs per square inch

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